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UOSSM France, Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations is a French and international humanitarian and medical NGO whose goal is to guarantee to the populations affected by the war in Syria permanent access to quality and free health care.

Our NGO is committed to saving lives and alleviating the suffering of people in Syria. Our challenge is to give access to healthcare in the context of war. Attached to humanitarian neutrality value, our vision is a world where everyone has the right to life and health. All our medical and humanitarian actions are offered free of charge to populations, without distinction of origin, political opinion, sex, or religion.

UOSSM France is one of the major medical NGOs in Syria, with 1,000 employees. UOSSM France faces several challenges and has set up several programs to respond to these: emergencies, war medicine, primary health care, access to healthcare in displaced camps, training, psychological support and mental health, protection of vulnerable people, nutrition.

From war emergencies to access to care, all our programmes are implemented to compensate for an almost non-existent health system.

UOSSM France is looking for professional and passionate candidates demonstrating curiosity, dynamism, and proactivity to be able to develop and adapt to a fast-paced environment by nature.

UOSSM France promotes diversity and inclusion as a core value and needs, on a regular basis, diverse profiles to integrate its different departments :

  • Partnerships, Programmes, and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Communication & Fundraising
  • Finance and administration, etc.

UOSSM France currently employs over 1000 national and international employees on the field to work on our health programmes:

  • Primary health care (chronic disease, maternal and reproductive health)
  • Secondary and tertiary health care (dialysis, thalassemia, blood bank)
  • Protection
  • Mental health and psycho-social support
  • Nutrition and community health
  • Training and capacity building

Gaziantep Office (in Turkey) develops and implements health projects essentially located in the North West of Syria while Erbil office (in Iraq) focuses on developing and supporting health projects in the North East of Syria.

Paris office (in France), HQ of the organization, holds a technical support role and ensures global consistency of the projects and the strategic approach of the organization.

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