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Offline/Embedded Voice Technologies for Enterprises
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Imagine a world where you have an adapted personal assistant who can respond to you as a human would.

Speech recognition is currently the most powerful human/machine interface. One out of every two researches is carried out by voice, thus translating a strong democratization of voice recognition and an important rise in the daily life of individuals. This technology guarantees a freedom and flexibility that no other technology could provide until now.

In response to this evolution, Vivoka is now positioning itself as a specialist in artificial intelligence and speech recognition. This expertise is accompanied by a global vision of voice and the current state of technology in the digital world in order to offer solutions relevant to market views and needs.

Thus, it offers the first development kit called Voice Development Kit. The VDK is here an aggregator of voice technologies, a single interlocutor, a single support, a single solution for all your projects.

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