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A SaaS web app allowing e-commerce brands to promote their brands via partnerships
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Hi ! I'm Jonas, and I founded "Together.do" with Johnathan & Léonard. Together.do is a SaaS allowing e-commerce brands to improve their acquisition costs and brand awareness through partnerships. We are at the beginning of all, if you join us you will significantly impact the company the very first days of your work and your ideas around the product. We have a strong feedback culture, as our motto that we share with our customers and employees: "Be Stronger Together." We do 1:1 regularly for you to be always happy in your job. It also helps the company grow with your ideas! We have a pretty new product on the market, with the goal to balance little e-commerce actors and big ones. So, if you believe in mutual aid, collaboration and links, come with us to overcome the challenge!

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