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100% organic food for children
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Good Goût is a French organic food brand who has the ambition to offer tasty and healthy food for babies and children. Founded in 2010, the company started by launching a range of products for babies from 4 months old. With a single ingredient in the spotlight, our aim is to introduce babies to the real taste of food, without drowning recipes in liters of water or adding unnecessary ingredients like potato, carrot or apple. No preservatives, additives, GMO, texturizers or coloring‚... You won't find anything strange in their recipes! They are simply made with ingredients you could find in a kitchen, as if you had cooked it all yourself! All of their baby meal recipes are created by the two-Michelin starred Chef, Christophe Hay, who strives to enhance the flavors of fruits and vegetables by adding a Chef-s touch ‚Äì because they-re convinced babies and children deserve the very best. In 2018, Good Goût also launched a new range of products for children over 3 years old. With unchanged values, the brand uses raw and natural ingredients (cane sugar, whole meal flour, dark chocolate, butter, etc.) to make delicious snacks, cookies or breakfast cereals that are always 30% less sweet! As usual, no palm oil, corn syrup or anything weird in our ingredient list.

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