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Bartle was created in 2005 to accompany the transformation of organizations on all aspects of their value chain. They employ around 90 people in 2019. Their consultants help organizations to adopt better operational strategies and to make the best choices for them, their customers and their environment. Bartle supports long term business transformation at all strategic, tactical and operational levels, from strategic diagnosis to operational changes, by leveraging its different fields of expertise. Bartle's know-how ranges from supply-chain, to change and project management, through customer experience. More than a consulting firm, Bartle is an open, collaborative and innovative laboratory of ideas, constantly on the move with its partners. They have created three think tanks to ensure a better impact on the ecosystem, with one dedicated to transformation and "positive transformation". Bartle is known for its own specific "touch" expressed through its values: creator of trust, team spirit, commitment and audacity. Becoming a member of the B Corp community is a way to reaffirm their values and strengthen their will to work differently and for the sake of the ecosystem.

Bartle est un cabinet interdisciplinaire et indépendant de conseil en management qui aide les décideurs à retrouver l’énergie d’entreprendre.

Créé en 2005 et conçu comme un laboratoire d’idées, Bartle mobilise aujourd’hui plus de 150 consultant(e)s sur des sujets de vision et de conduite de projet. Les grands enjeux ? Identifier et explorer des pistes de diversification stratégique. Améliorer l’efficacité opérationnelle. Conduire des projets avec efficience.

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