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We are looking for a marketing and communication intern to help us push our product to the next level.

This year is focused on 2 strategic axis: become expert at community building in the developer ecosystem and support the tech team with a strong product marketing effort.

Being part of our project means broadcasting a colorful, playful and no b_llsh_t message to the world while reaching the quality of delivery of a Silicon Valley player.

You will work on a great variety of (essentially digital) marketing topics and your curiosity and know-how can lead the type of projects we will let you handle.

Your closest colleagues are Alex, Marketing Manager who loves dev relationship and content production and Claire, the queen of social media and event management but you will also be closely involved with the rest of the french team.

The range of tasks we will onboard you with

  • Copywriting of developer focused articles
  • Assisting on Graphic design & Video production
  • Newsletter and email marketing optimisation
  • Product marketing work to support feature development
  • Community management both online and through in-person events
  • SEO reporting and analysis

Who are we looking for

If you have experience with one or several of those areas you are mostly likely a great fit for us. We are eager to meet applicants who can show us how they have performed in personal projects, volunteering actions or previous internships in the area of digital marketing so we know you’ll be hands on from day 1.

Your english level is key since our marketing and communication are 99% english.

Your understanding of the software engineering and artificial intelligence industry is not decisive but will make a difference at how interesting the internship will be for you. We are welcoming people with no knowledge as long as you have the curiosity to explore this new world and you are a relentless learner.

We are a team of passionate, out of the box thinking, people-driven members and we look for someone who has the same mindset as we do.

Here’s a list of tools we use. Are you already familiar with them in a professional capacity? That’s a huge plus for us

  • Figma
  • Adobe Premiere, After Effect, Photoshop Illustrator
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Slack, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stack Overflow
  • Zoom, Google Meet, Zencastr, Twitch
  • Imovie, Garageband
  • Phantombuster, Zapier
  • Sendinblue, Webflow
  • Notion, Trello

Our team has a strong DNA

People Driven

We care about the people we work with and the people we work for. We are only satisfied when both our team and our users are happy with the work we do.

Highly Committed

We work on a technology that we believe will have a real impact on our future. Everyday, we push our hardest to achieve our objectives and surpass expectations. And the marketing needs to keep up with that pace!

Realistic Dreamers

We have great ambitions, but we keep our feet on the ground in the process: we are tenacious problem solvers and very pragmatic people. The end goal is always to create a useful tool to share with the world.

Where is the internship?

Our offices are located in the heart of Paris at Chatelet but we are a full remote company. All our employees meet once a month for 3 full days at the office and you can be anywhere in France for the rest of your time. Make sure that you are comfortable with the full remote system and what it implies.

Get in touch

If you are looking to find a job where you can express your creative mind while working on very practical digital marketing challenges, stop your job search now and apply to work with us.

If you think you could do a great job at CircleCI, reach out to us with your resume and let us know in a few lines what motivates you to be part of the adventure!

Checking if you're part of the tribe
Checking if you're part of the tribe