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freelance consulting marketplace in Europe.
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Malt is the fastest-growing European marketplace connecting over 280 000 freelancers with more than 30 000 clients in search of talent to contribute to their projects. Our platform provides a simple and secure one-stop shop for all the administrative, legal, and payment processes involved in freelancing. Founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur Vincent Huguet and tech freelancer Hugo Lassiège, our French scale-up aims to revolutionize the world of work by creating a community in which everyone is free to choose the best people to work with. We are a tech company with a human approach : - Over 300 Malters sharing one culture - Committed to equality and diversity (50% women/men parity of Malt Leaders) - Offices in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands - 112 M € raised with ISAI, Serena, Eurazeo Growth & Goldman Sachs. - Twice recognised by LinkedIn as one of the best start-ups to work at Join us and become part of the #NewWorkOrder ! What they are looking for

Digital experts (developers, designers, UX...) and ambitious people who can help to develop long-term relationships with freelancers and corporate clients. Beyond studies and a rich experience what we are looking for most is Malters: People who share the ambition to create one of the most beautiful start-ups of the decade. Who are dynamic, casual, fun team players who are want to be part of this unique adventure. Our vision is to change the #future_of_work, what's yours?

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The team are fans of karaoke, singing, dancing and good food.

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