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Web app to help elementary school students learn to read.
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About Lalilo

Lalilo is a virtual assistant which helps educators teach primary school students how to read.

The startup was launched in 2016, with the goal of ending illiteracy with AI. In France, 20% of the students who graduate from elementary school can’t read proficiently enough to keep up with the academic demands of the classroom. In the U.S, that number goes up to 30%.

By providing differentiated learning to students we want to drive that number down to 0. Our tool is already used by tens of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students, and growing!

To reach this goal, we have brought together experts in pedagog, teachers, designers and scientists who work hand in hand to build the best classroom tools for students and educators.

Acquired by Renaissance edtech group a year ago, we are a team of 30+ passionate, hard-working and fun individuals 🐰, based in Paris, New York, and San Francisco.

Our values

At Lalilo we believe that transparency is key to work in a trustworthy environment. We apply transparency between Lalilians, as well as with people who interact with Lalilo.

We strive at providing what - people we work with and people we work for - need. By approaching situations from a caring perspective, we strive to have tough conversations and make tough decisions without being hurtful or judgmental.

We are a strong supporter of self-governance and apply it as much as we can. At Lalilo anyone can take any decision if taking into account the opinion of relevant and impacted people.

If you want to learn more about our manifest and values, have a look here 🙂

Job description

About the position

We are looking for our first Analyst Engineer to join the data team composed of Data Analysts, Data & Speech Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.

With the recent acquisition of Lalilo by Renaissance Group, we now have access to a lot of new external data sources. Mikael, our Data Engineer, set up a mature and automated data platform but we are lacking data governance to easily work with it.

Hence, we are now looking for someone who will enable Lalilians to get value out of data.

Your job description encompasses:

  • creating data models from new data sources based on end-users or internal needs
  • ensuring the data pipeline is running smoothly with high data quality standards and continuous improvement in mind for processes and documentations related to data
  • driving data governance at Lalilo
  • contributing to data team ceremonies and projects (meetings & syncs, quick data requests, bug fixes, data analysis and tech tickets, …)

Here are potential projects you will work on in the coming months:

  • Cross company data exchange
  • Creation of data marts
  • Redesign event collection

Our technical stack is today composed of tools such as dbt, Snowflake, Fivetran, Tableau and more.

Who would you work with?

You will mainly work with the data-team, composed today of 8 persons. But you will also work closely with our Software Engineers and with our colleagues from Renaissance Group based in the USA. Driving data governance at Lalilo, you will also work with the Product team, Pedago team, Sales… 🙂

Preferred experience

About you

We’re looking for an Analyst Engineer who:

  • Masters SQL: you can solve any SQL problems, deeply understand how it works under the hood
  • Understands data analysts & data scientists needs to create the best data models
  • Has a structured mindset approach to solve any kind of problems and present the outcome in a clear and concise way
  • Takes initiatives to find the right tool for the right problem
  • Is a team player, autonomous and able to navigate in unstructured environments


  • At least one significant experience with design and creation of data models
  • Expertise in SQL
  • Development best practices (versioning, alerting, …) and core tools (git, terminal…)
  • Outstanding verbal and writing skills, professional English


  • Familiar with data pipeline concepts, best if already set up one or equivalent (ETL, ELT, …)
  • Experience with dbt
  • Experience with at least one scripting language (Python, js, …)
  • Experience with a BI/Product Analytics Tool (MixPanel, Tableau, …)

Recruitment process

Hiring process

  • screening call
  • technical test in pair programming
  • case study
  • fit interview
  • reference calls
Checking if you're part of the tribe
Checking if you're part of the tribe