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Ulule is a crowdfunding platform empowering thousands of creators, entrepreneurs and makers all over the world. Ulule is multilingual and multicultural with offices (as for now) in France, Spain, and Canada. Their twist: thanks to their beloved team that coach project creators and their growing community of "ululers", they have the best success rate of all crowdfunding platforms worldwide. In 2015, 66% of all projects reached or exceeded their target. And there's much more to come with their API, new social features, and all the love they want to bring to this thriving ecosystem. Want to join? Make Good Things Happen! Ulule wants to participate in creating and spreading a culture of direct citizen engagement all over the world. They believe crowdfunding is a great tool to do so, since it empowers people and help them bring their positive ideas to life, while those who want to financially participate in these ideas can do it.

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