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help people get powerful insights into how they spend their time and increase productivity.
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• Timeular is an all-in-one solution to track, understand and improve your time

management, enabling people to work smarter, not harder.

• Founded in 2016 by Manuel Bruschi and Manuel Zoderer

• Over 70,000 users around the world


• Feb 2016 - Joined the Enchant.VC accelerator program in Singapore

• June 2016 - reached #2 on Product Hunt, attracting a high volume of interest and feedback

• Sept 2016 - closed a round of pre-seed investment by the European VC Pioneers Ventures and Enchant.VC

• Sept 2016 - launched a Kickstarter campaign, fully funded (€75,000) within the first 20 hours of launch. Over 3,000 backers supported the project raising almost €314,000 (>400% of the initial target)

• Dec 2016 - named Startup of the Year in Austria and won the DBT Award and HR Award. We started shipping to Kickstarter backers in March 2017

• June 2017 - closed a €1,000,000 investment round by VC Speedinvest and Business Angels

• Sept 2017 - awarded Newcomer of the Year at the Central European Startup Awards

How it works

Timeular provides effortless time tracking to help you lead a more rewarding work-life. The platform helps you to quantify distractions, increase your focus, and transform how you spend your time. Automate workflows, generate reports and submit timesheets easily. See where every minute of your working day is spent.


Timeular operates as a fully remote team, comprising 20 people across 10 countries including the UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Argentina and South Africa. Our company HQ is located in Vienna, Austria.

• Manuel Bruschi (CEO) worked for many years in the field of web development and was a researcher at the Holzinger Group in the field of human computer interaction and physiological computing.

• Manuel Zoderer (CTO) has previous experience as a project lead in software development. He has previously built a startup named “zcircle.” and was a mentor at the Google SoC.

Timeular is part of the teleworker community mobilized to help in the best way possible, by providing remote work to people affected by war.

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