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Outsourced content writing experts

When we started The Happy Beavers in 2018, we chose to build our lodge in Tallinn, Estonia. At that stage, other business critters thought we’d gone a bit nutty with our plan to move to this northern tip of the EU. But with more than 20,000 beavers living here, we knew we couldn’t be wrong. Since then, we’ve created a dam good outsourced content writing company built on the expertise of employees spread across several continents. Our vision to tell our clients’ stories and manage their projects with skill and professionalism has helped us to build a reputation for excellence as leaders in the digital market.

International language services at your fingertips

Since starting out with a lone freelance translator, our beaver family has grown into a multilingual company that offers international language services such as translation, copywriting, editing and proofreading in more than 30 languages. We’ve also put our industrious spirit to good work by helping clients from all over the world manage their projects and get noticed with SEO.  Working with one-of-a-kind Beaver technology, we’re able to streamline our processes and customize content for individual clients to ensure that they get engaging content in almost any language they can think of. Plus, our comprehensive, cost-effective outsourced content writing services mean that our solutions will suit any enterprise, big or small.

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