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Mobile finance tools for modern people. High-yield cash account, property management, and more!

Our Super High-Yield cash account was created to make saving money more efficient by delivering 50x more interest than the national average savings rate*. Put your money to work and earn daily passive income with a Tellus Boost account.

Tellus is a financial technology company on a mission to reshape the $2.3 trillion U.S. personal savings market. We’re creating exciting income products for savers and commercial borrowers that deliver top-of-the-market returns and exceptional liquidity –– all made possible by harnessing the power and durability of residential real estate. And we’re just getting started.

Our goal at Tellus is to build a platform that makes financial tools and real estate management easier and more accessible than ever. At the moment, our app has two main product features which work in tandem: a high-yield cash account and property management software. We hope to bring these things together to push the world towards equal and inclusive access to financial tools, education, and innovation.

It's a massive undertaking and we're growing the team to realize our vision. With so much we see broken in this space and so much we want to improve, we're assembling a motivated and resourceful team to reach our goals. And, hopefully, that's where you come in.

Tellus is part of the teleworker community mobilized to help in the best way possible, by providing remote work to people affected by war. To apply, email and mention you’ve been impacted.

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