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Real-time transportation visibility platform
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Our product is a mission-critical SaaS web platform with native high traffic inbound/outbound integrations. Our mission is to anticipate problems and proactively alert end-customers so they can efficiently manage exceptions. We achieve this by collecting and matching millions of data points collected from different stakeholders.Shippeo gives visibility to shippers, carriers and customers by answering the following questions:

  • where is my shipment, and are there any foreseeable delays?
  • what has actually been loaded and/or delivered, and are there any discrepancies?
  • what are the levers for improvement for the transport operations?
  • what are the shipment’s carbon footprint and cost?

The Product & Tech team is structured in three Tribes, each split into multiple feature teams, and matches the different layers of the Platform that we are aiming at building:

  • Solutions: this tribe is responsible for building the solutions that will be used by our customers (Road Visibility, Intermodal Visibility, Information Visibility)
  • Platform: this tribe is responsible building the foundations of the future platform, namely the Integration hub (API exchanges, EDI services), and the Orchestration layer (Self-service, Notification/Workflow builder)
  • Data & AI/ML: this tribe is responsible for leveraging the high quality data on which the platform by serving them up through our Data-as-a-Service offering, and by generating
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