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Hello. We are Prismic, a headless CMS with an API. We aim to simplify editing content on your website and make work enjoyable for developers, marketers, and content teams.

We've built in the past four years one of the leaders in the Headless CMS market. It means that more than 10000 teams around the world store the content of their websites in Prismic. We made our mission to deliver their content in a stable and reliable way. To give you an idea, we are now serving content for dozens of thousands of Websites through our APIs and serving more than 20B of API calls every month.

We managed to grow thanks to our background in architecture, our talented team, and our love for well-mastered technologies. Understanding deeply what's happening in our system is at the core of our engineering process and we want to guarantee that this will stay true while growing our team. Because yes, we'll grow a lot and that's where you come into play.

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