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App to help people develop a healthier relationship with screens
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In a world where we spend more time on screens than not, Opal is a partner to your digital well-being, helping you save time, find focus and develop a healthier, more balanced relationship with screens. There has never been a more exciting time to join us.

Since launch in January 2021, we have raised $5.5m from great investors who share our vision. What they are looking for

Opal is looking for smart, ambitious people to join our team. Candidates who want to make the internet a positive force for happiness will fit right in.

Good to know

Opal is remote-first. We are fully remote and global from day 1, stretching across 4 continents. We aim to operate a best in class 2021 remote company. Our current team members are in the US, UK, France and Poland. We thrive on documentation of decisions, accountability and individual goals. We value full transparency and empathy. We will hire the world's best talent, wherever they are located geographically. We meet every trimester for a company retreat. Here’s a tweet about it.

Opal is a deep tech startup. Our team pushes the frontiers of what is possible within the existing OS ecosystems (iOS, Android, Mac), learning in the process how modern internet is networked. We are building AI capacity to map emotional states of users based on their screen time, and how best to intervene to bring back focus and happiness.

Opal makes technology happy. Do you believe technology should be used to help people, rather than harm them? We are building the future of digital wellbeing, helping people take control over their screens and use time intentionally. We are aligned with Humane Tech principles and building a product for everyday use.

Opal is still early. Join the founding team of a company that defines a new category, across devices and platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, smart objects). Equity will match the company stage and experience. We're a small team with a big vision. Are you as excited about Opal as we are?

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