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A mobile application that allows you to save, search and share memories
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Memorizer is a new mobile app that will enable you to easily save, search and share precious memories you often forget. Since taking a photo is easier than taking notes, we allow users to remember everything they want in just one click. Our AI based technology of image recognition replaces notes, tags and labels.

Our moto is simple : "Take pictures, we do the rest!".

You can now: - remember the amazing dish you once tried in a restaurant - ask a friend for his preferred book - organize your souvenirs automatically - share your favorite holiday moments with your friends

Remember what matters to you; Rediscover your past and prepare for the future Memorizer c'est aussi une équipe qui a de fortes valeurs - Lean : tous responsables, tous disponibles - Passion : ils sont engagés et décidés - Customer-centric : une obsession : leurs utilisateurs - No Bullsit : pas d'opacité. Ils sont directs et intègres - Empathie : l'objectif ultime est de rendre les gens heureux

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