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MEGA International is a global SaaS software company headquartered in Paris, France, with offices in 10 countries. We create leading software solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance, Risk and Compliance and Data Governance.

Our goal is to guide companies in their business transformation initiatives. We believe that transformation is a collaborative effort and requires people to “see the bigger picture” on how the organization operates, so we created a single SaaS platform that connects IT leaders, process owners, risk managers and data governance officers. We give them access to a single repository that helps them collect, visualize, analyze, and communicate information to better plan and adapt to change.

We are a team of 350 multi-cultural, passionate, and dynamic professionals who create, sell and implement software for the largest companies. We support more than 2000 clients in 52 countries, including large banks, insurance companies, public administration, airspace, energy, and many more.

We believe that a company’s success is based on its people, so we make it a priority to hire the best and help our employees evolve and grow within the company.

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