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Creation of tools and programs for collective mobilization
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Team description

For ten years, Makesense has been creating tools and programs for collective mobilization to enable everyone to take action and build a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Makesense is an international team of more than 110 full-time employees based in France, Mexico, Senegal, Peru, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, and the Philippines.

The team experiments daily with new organizational models that put responsibility, autonomy, and benevolence at the heart of our interactions. The impact is the fuel for all our collaborators.

Like the Makesense community, all identified challenges are transformed into solutions built collectively.

To thrive at makesense, you must

  • Be willing to get up in the morning to contribute to solving the social and environmental challenges of our time.
  • Take care to develop quality relationships with colleagues and partners
  • Enjoy learning by doing and sharing what you learn with the rest of the team
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment
  • Be motivated by new challenges
  • Put your words into action
  • Be comfortable in an environment that gives freedom and is stimulated by new responsibilities.

To carry out our missions, we have our way of doing things. Between the secret ingredient that gives life to our events, the viewpoint that we cultivate and hope to make shine, and the compass that sets our course, our values guide our actions every day. They are written differently for employees and members of our community, but in each case, they encourage:

  • Real-life experiences Frugality to preserve resources
  • The joy of taking action together
  • The audacity to test and contribute
  • The curiosity to learn and understand
  • Kindness to create trust
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