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Conception de systèmes pour obtenir et protéger la qualité de l’eau.
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Team description

ICE is a partner of the biggest and most ambitious brands of water-based beverages and bottled water worldwide. Our expertise covers turnkey water treatment project roll-outs, including the design and manufacturing of water treatment systems. In addition to this core activity, ICE also provides expertise and consulting, helping bottling companies make the right choices and ensure their investment is profitable. Once the project is commissioned, ICE provides assistance and services to its customers, allowing the installation to be fine-tuned, efficiently operated, and maintained. In addition, ICE helps implement good manufacturing practices, considering each specific situation.

Vital resource

Every drop counts: we recognize the value of water for life, and we believe water is good for human health whenever properly treated and preserved. We also acknowledge every contribution to achieving that goal: contributions from our customers, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.


Maximum attention is given to products and services quality as defined by safety, responsiveness, water consumption minimization, hygiene, simplicity, ease of operation/maintenance, and durability.

Human beings & environment

We strive to help our customers develop their brand and product lines in ways that enhance both human and environmental conditions.


Our employees are encouraged to bring forward ideas to improve our products and services quality and our internal operation. No argument will be turned down without proper analysis.

All together

Top management will work as a group with maximum transparency in our internal operations. This includes an “open book” policy that enables employees easy access to decisions within the normal boundaries of personal privacy and trade secrecy.

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