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The company is just starting, but the mindset is openness primarily, open source focus, community driven.

We don't want politics, we want transparency, we want to keep things simple, so we can finally work on something we love.

No place for complicated relationship, "people avoidance" to make things run because "X" or "Y" are keep info or don't want to share the technical / functional spot they are on.

We are all in the same team, we a planned hyper growth, just make the community happy and keep things simple to enjoy our work and passion.

We don't care where you come from, what school you've been too. We are looking for people that love other people, that are passionate, creative and are focused on sharing and taking care of others.

One of the important aspect we are working on a daily basis in inclusion and diversity, let's be honest, no BS, it's hard, it will be hard and probably one of the biggest challenge we will face but we need to change the way the IT industry has become other the years.

If you recognize yourself in these values then we should talk.

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