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A bit about us

At Fizzer, we deliver your best moments straight into the hands of people you love. You take a picture, you customize it and we take care of the rest!

We started our adventure 8 years ago in France with a challenge: make postcards great again ūüėŹ Today, with more than 1 million users and millions of cards sent all over the world, our goal now is to become the best card service for our users.

Internally, we're a family sized team iterating over our remote culture. Thanks to the nature of our business we were able to gather great people from very different areas: printers, designers, advertisers, customer support or developers. Today, we're proud of our diversity and balanced parity which makes the strength of our team.

Our product way

Building a great product does not come easily and we know it. From cards to photo books we always go for what we think is the base: Our user's needs. Thanks to our community, we have many ideas on how to make our products awesome and to make sure we always focus on the right goals, we follow simple guidelines:

  • Create top quality postcards and blow people's minds
  • Have a stellar user experience on our apps
  • Make our support process the most human and efficient for our community
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