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Connect Ukrainian refugees with European citizens providing emergency housing for free
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We are a gang of geeks, Juan, Arnaud, Alexis and Alexandre, who co-founded a startup in HRtech. We work remotely from France, Belgium, Spain and Colombia. The 4 of us share freedom as one of our core values. When Russia invaded Ukraine we were not only convinced that this represented a defining moment for our civilization, but we were also deeply affected, sharing the pain of our European brothers and sisters from Ukraine. We thought “how can we make something useful”? Fast and simple. Initially, we thought that our platform, which enables us to find remote jobs globally, could be useful.

Then, this Friday, we saw this picture and read that hundred thousands of Ukrainian people had already crossed the border to flee the battleground and find a safe European country for their family. 5 millions refugees, mostly women with kids, are expected in the coming weeks if the war intensifies as recent updates unfortunately suggest. We realized that the first thing people fleeing Ukraine need is a shelter, a house.

At the time we write these words we are connected on Google Meet and we are building in real time a scrappy version of this platform with the help of Ukrainian patriots (thanks Illia!) who organize the resistance within Ukraine and from border countries. Our objective is to connect Ukrainian refugee with European families who are ready to share their house or an empty house they own. The EU has 11 millions empty apartments/houses and many families have spare bedrooms ! Time has come to share…before there is nothing left to be shared.

Our goal is not to replace NGOs who do an incredible job at welcoming and providing support to refugees. We have no experience doing what they do. But we are good at building tech solutions and scaling them, which is a complementary skill. We have always been convinced that technology can impact the world in a positive way by connecting people at scale. It’s time to make this a reality ! Our tool is here to simply match two populations who could not meet without a simple and efficient platform. Then, we trust human intelligence to do the rest. If this initiative can make just one kid’s life less painful, we will have achieved our goal and we will continue to hack the establishment to help the Ukrainian people. ‍

We stand with Ukraine. With Love.

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