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Empower cities and citizens to shape and transition to futureproof cities.
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We showcase concrete alternatives deployed by cities, we advocate to change politic and economic governance at all levels and we foster a wide cultural change leading to a futureproofed society. Energy Cities’ community is composed by local leaders of thousands of cities in 30 European countries.

Climate-neutral, vibrant places of life

After decades shaping energy and climate policies for a decentralised, democratic and decarbonised energy system, the next steps for cities is to transform their entire metabolism with a climate-neutral approach. Building resilient communities means fostering interdependence between sectors, between territories, between economic, social and cultural players and city leaders in order to share wealth and well-being at the local scale.

Our vision is that, by 2050, we will all be living in decarbonised and resilient cities with access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy. We strive to deliver LIVING SPACES that are accessible to everyone, through vibrant local economies and maximising resource regeneration.

A learning community for future-proof cities

Energy Cities is a learning community for cities engaged in future proofing their economies, built around a “local & sustainable first” approach. Our members are diverse cities. There are no conditions to join other than the ambition and the commitment to share experiences. Our strength lies in our members’ strong commitment to reach climate neutrality in their territories by 2050 and to align their local strategic development with the Paris Agreement.

Building a learning community is a tool that helps each of our members feel more confident in their own transition journey, because other cities have done it before, or because cities can test new solutions together. We foster an atmosphere of mutual trust in the dialogue between citizens, local leaders and EU & national institutions in order to accelerate the transformation towards a climate-neutral Europe. Energy Cities energises this virbant community and ensures its visibility.

Equity and fairness: Everyone at Energy Cities is on an equal footing as persons. Everyone is entitled to express their opinions and be heard, and should listen in return. There is no tolerance for discrimination of any kind.

The way we work is as important as the work we do: Holacracy is an internal way of sharing responsibilities which places human at the centre of our work and decision-making. It allows for each team member to be autonomous in fulfilling their missions while making decisions collectively when required and in a cooperative way. Moreover, at Energy Cities the right balance between our personal and work life is the number one priority in the human resources policy.

A place for everyone to contribute and grow: At Energy Cities, all of us as team members are encouraged to find a balance between the organisation’s needs and our individual aspirations. “Standing on two feet”: learning and contributing. At Energy Cities everyone is entitled to feel engaged, useful and motivated in the activities performed. This means that everyone is encouraged to change roles and perform different activities, in all due respect to the other team members and to our commitments as an organisation.

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