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Volunteers community creating open source tools to manage Ukrainian refugees
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Team description

Code for Romania is a community of volunteers who are currently creating open source tools to manage Ukrainian refugees at the Romanian Border. They usually work on societal projects for Romania, but have suspended all operations to focus on helping Ukrainian refugees.

It is discovering their action that sparked My Little Team to create a search page focused on these amazing teams who fight for peace. We hope we can help them recruit more volunteering developers and more donations, even at our small scale. ~ Paul & Yannick

How Code for Romania Works

Code for Romania designs, builds and manages Romania's ecosystem of social change through technology. Our organization has managed to design and consolidate a functional mechanism through which to bring together and direct the huge capacity for IT development in Romania and abroad in order to deliver digital solutions for the problems we face.

As of late 2020, our community is approaching 2000 members who, together, form a very varied interdisciplinary group, composed of UX designers, developers, software architects, communicators, designers and researchers.

Code for Romania was born as a community and one of our main objectives is to keep it one, and we are constantly trying to bring our members into the decision-making process for three very important reasons.

  • the community is the most important pillar of Code for Romania
  • we believe that a community-driven organization is much more aware of the expectations and needs of society and
  • we believe that keeping the community involved is the best mechanism for checking and controlling the decision-making team.

Every day we make every effort to ensure that our organization is a safe and welcoming space for its members, and we have, in organizational DNA a clear set of rules and values ​​that we do not deviate from.

At the same time, our organizational model is based on meritocracy, efforts are rewarded proportionately with correct recognition. Membership and access to the organization’s decision-making structures is based on the degree of involvement and results of each individual, either as a volunteer in Code for Romania’s staff or as an active, constant, contributor in a project taken to completion.

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