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About Botify

Founded in 2012, Botify built the interface and methodology that connects the largest, most complex sites with all the major search engines to drive more traffic and revenue from organic search.

Our full-funnel methodology and unified data model ensures that we have the broadest view of your website, while our machine-learning algorithm prescribes the actions that will drive the greatest impact and automates time-consuming SEO processes.

Used by more than 500 brands, Botify is VC-backed with $82M in funding and offices in New York, Seattle,  Paris, London, Singapore, Sydney, and Japan.

The Problem We Solve

The modernization of the Web has brought about new complexities. From the proliferation of content, to the growth of the technical Web (e.g. use of JavaScript), to the increase in multi-device formats, search engines are challenged to find the most important content on a website.

In fact, on average, only half of an enterprise website is actually being found by search engines. Millions of dollars invested in content creation and web development are going to waste. Imagine if you could uncover the hidden ROI sitting in your site.

That’s where we come in. Botify helps our customers unleash the hidden potential of their digital presence to drive more profitable and sustainable revenue.

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