We don't join a company, we join a team

Increase your recruitment success rate by creating a career page focused on your teams.

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Once upon a time there was a team

It can be the all company if you are just a few people or a small team within a large institution, but the candidates' interests today are your teams' stories and values.

What is a team?

A team is:

3 to 12 people

If you are over 12 people, there may be several teams, not just one.

Common goals

A team shares common goals and accountabilities but also rewards.


Team members share values that shape their collaboration.

Add as many teams as you want

Team profiles are unlimited at My Little Team, because a single company profile and a single employer brand cannot sum up the diversity of each team.

An unlimited platform

It's all inclusive, all unlimited.

Add as many teams as you want

Create as many team profiles as you want within a company.

Use different ways to recruit for each team.

Use different strategies for drafting and distributing offers for each team.

Collaborate with your team

Define the ideal values and future colleagues with your teammates.
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One yearly subcription, and that's it.

To recruit takes time, sometimes several months. So we don't sell monthly subscriptions. We think recruitment in the long run, and if you do too, then we're meant to work together.


Or less than 50€ per month

499€ /year

Unlimited team profilesUnlimited job offersYour career page on a subdomainCreate your career page

14 days free, no commitment


If you truly recruit for the long run

1999€ for life

One single payment, once and for allAll future updatesNo more subscriptions to manageSubscribe for life

14 days free, no commitment

Candidates trust us, so should you!

The rumors are true : candidates love the way we recruit.

    • I'm already in❤️ at registration: "Are you actively looking for *a team*" (yes a team, not necessarily a company), "What are the 2 most important values for you among the following?"

      Caroline Senes
      Frontend developer @Altran
      Author's avatar of testimonial 1
    • They have an interesting recruitment approach with sorting criteria that I find really make sense. I hope this more human way of doing things will become the norm. Can't wait to see the sequel!

      Julien Marseille
      Ruby developer @squadracer
      Author's avatar of testimonial 2
    • They're just starting out but I REALLY ✨like✨ the way @MyLittleTeam is trying to change #hiring. Filtering by values instead of skills, things that do matter to more and more people. And trying to do it at team level, instead of company level as well. Really hope they succeed!

      Julien Lengrand-Lambert
      Dev. Advocate @AdyenDevs
      Author's avatar of testimonial 3

What's the FAQ?!

If like us, you take know for an answer, you may be interested in the following Frequently Asked Questions.

Why choose My Little Team over competitors?

Yes, you can recruit for free if you already have an existing career page on another site. We redirect candidates to your career page when they visit your profile.

How many team profiles can I create?

There is no limit. Add as many profiles as you want. The goal is to have profiles that truly reflect the values and uniqueness of each team.

How many candidates can I reach?

Nous avons des milliers de candidat·es sur notre plateforme et plus de 250 00o membres dans nos communautés partenaires. Si tu n'as pas assez de candidats sur ton profil gratuit, nous t'aidons à en trouver plus ici .

Frequently Asked Questions

If like us, you take know for an answer, you may be interested in the following Frequently Asked Questions.

Why choose My Little Team over competitors?

We're the only one to propose a career page that focuses on teams and their values. Teams change with time and your career page need to reflect those changes. We help you move from employer branding to team branding.

How many team profiles can I truly add?

There's no limit, really. The goal is for you to add as mamy profiles as needed to reflect the true colors of your teams: what makes them unique and their values.

How many candidates can I expect?

We have hundreds of thousands members in our communities who look for teams with values. Once you've created your career page, you can publish your job offers in our communities here