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      My Little Team works hard to be the #1 trusted recruitment platform. We help you find like-minded teams where you will feel good, all day, all long.

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      We make every effort to select teams with great cultures, values, and work styles.

      Filters that make sens

      Filter the job offers like never before: values, management style...

      Candidate care that will make you purr

      Before, during, and after all your jobs.
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        • I'm already in❤️ at registration: "Are you actively looking for a team" (yes a team, not necessarily a company), "What are the 2 most important values for you among the following?"

          Caroline Senes
          Frontend developer @Altran
          Author's avatar of testimonial 1
        • They have an interesting recruitment approach with sorting criteria that I find really makes sense. I hope this more human way of doing things will become the norm. Can't wait to see the sequel!

          Julien Marseille
          Ruby developer @squadracer
          Author's avatar of testimonial 2
        • They're just starting out but I REALLY ✨like✨ the way @MyLittleTeam is trying to change #hiring. Filtering by values instead of skills, things that do matter to more and more people. And trying to do it at team level, instead of company level as well. Really hope they succeed!

          Julien Lengrand-Lambert
          Dev. Advocate @AdyenDevs
          Julien's avatar

      What's the FAQ?!

      If like us, you take know for an answer, you may be interested in the following Frequently Asked Questions.

      Is it free to join the platform?

      Our platform is free for candidates. You just need to create a profile to take advantage of all the recruitment features.

      How can I contact you?

      Tu peux utiliser le bouton "question" tout en bas à droite de la page ou nous contacter sur Twitter

      How are my personal data managed?

      Nous traitons tes données personnelles comme nous aimerions que tu traites les nôtres, avec beaucoup de respect. En savoir plus