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Collaborative Data Science platform.
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With its end-to-end platform, Dataiku is allowing enterprises to create value with their data in a human-centered way while breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration.

One of the most unique characteristics of their product is the breadth of its scope and the fact that it caters both to technical and non-technical users. Through Dataiku they aim to empower people through data and democratize data science.

And they’re growing fast! In 2019, they achieved unicorn status, doubled in size, and opened new offices across the globe. 2020 looked no different as they announced a $100 million Series D in August! They now have more than 500 employees globally.

At this company no two days are alike but one thing never changed: Dataiku’s unique culture described by “Dataikers” themselves as open, fun and friendly! Fun, Motivated, Expert, Happy

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